Astrology is a study of relationships, and how the intricate connections between the Kings and Queens of the universe, interact with the energy of life on Earth to offer balance, understanding and intimate guidance.

Every planet has a particular energetic vibration, which affects us on all levels. What happens in the macrocosm in the Heavens, is also happening in the microcosm here on Earth.

Astrology brings together Astromony - the scientific study of celestial objects - with the understanding that every thing is part of a whole and has a purpose. When we combine the traits of the Elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire, with Yin and Yang, with the beginning, middle and ending of every Season, balancing science, empirical evidence, human nature and intuition, a whole world of wonder opens up.

However far from simply being just "interesting", this information can be life changing. A Natal Chart is a snapshot of the heavens, at the exact time you were born. However dissecting that information involves looking at every aspect as individual energies, combinations which can be both easy to work with or more challenging, and the information as a whole. The amazing thing is, at the end of the day, it's YOU. You without any constraints of society, family, culture, religion, illness, love, hate... just you.

Mastery of your Natal Chart, brings personal growth, understanding, healing and freedom. Imagine knowing what's actually going on in our world, not just surviving day to day, but thriving every day.

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