A Natal Chart gives us the why behind everything:-
Why are we here?
Who we are?
Why things keep happening in life, over and over
Why do I keep attracting the same people?
Why do I sabotage myself?
Why can't I get on with certain people?

A Natal Chart tells you why, where the behaviour and reactions come from, and how to overcome. The Natal Chart is a guide to our soul's purpose and intention, which we have chosen to navigate for our highest potential, for our joy and fulfilment. It flows like a river current.

We do have to realise we have choice, we are human beings, and even though this flow in the chart is pulling us in the direction of our highest good, we as humans get caught up. We get distracted by our fears, insecurities, family etc, and we panic and try to swim against the current of the Chart. This is what causes our suffering. How we work with the energies in out chart, determines our sense of wellbeing in life.

Every aspect of your chart wants the best for you. As you learn to work with your chart, go with the energies instead of fighting against them. You will find things fall into place and you will start to feel “right” and free. You will understand deeply why you are here, and what you are here to do.

How it works
There are 12 Houses in a Chart, each house represents a part of life, a terrain, in which we have specific challenges. The planets and signs that fall into those houses represent the what, how and why the challenges have come to us in this life.

The planets (12 including the Sun and Moon) ask us for something, to accept a particular challenge, to learn, to master, to step forward, step back, to balance, to let go. Depends on the planet.

The signs tell us how to achieve what the planet is asking. The flavour of how we can best master the challenge. Whether we need to be more disciplined to achieve the goal set by the planet, or do we need to go with the flow? Do we need to be more sensitive, or less? Do we need to speak up more, or step back and not take sides?

Chiron was discovered in 1977 and is classified as a planetoid It represents a wound on a deep soul level which we bring into this lifetime. It creates profound personal experiences, which sets us upon a journey of healing through self-discovery. The wound becomes a strength we can use to help others.

Lilith is a sensitive 'point' which can be calculated from the moon's orbit around the earth. Black Moon Lilith represents our Shadow Side, our deepest fears and how we project those fears onto others.

Within the Chart, the sign, planets and houses have Elements, Modes, Polarities, Opposites, Personalities and Archetypes. The Chart has 4 quadrants and 2 hemispheres. Each represents a flavour or personality trait.

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