Under the neriKdesign trading name, Nerium Kristina has been building websites for ten years. She is currently making some changes and will not be taking on any new website clients until further notice. The following testimonials are from those who have worked with her in the last ten years. Many are current clients.

"When a client contacted me to let me know my website had been hacked, I contacted my previous website builder to discover that she was no longer in the business of building websites. I then began the daunting process of sourcing a new website builder, a stressful process when carried out under pressure of time and and deadlines for upcoming presentations where a live website was required within 7 days.

I decided I needed someone who would understand the language of my business, the sensitivity of the clientele who are drawn to my counselling work as well as the products that are of a healing nature.

Within a few minutes of narrowing my search down to my ideal website builder, my stress faded instantly as Neri's name popped up describing her website services and her commitment to building spiritual websites with passion, care and integrity. I knew immediately that Neri was the one! After a couple of emails back and forth, the most important thing that stood out was that Neri was fully committed to my vision of the website and also had an endless amount of ideas to offer which recreated my website to be bigger and better than it had been before.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise with my previous website being hacked as it did not compare even marginally to what Neri created.

Her knowledge and expertise shines through in the pages of my new website, she not only is competent and passionate about what she does, Neri had my website built within a few short days working day and night to have it ready in time for the presentation that I was delivering within that time frame. During the time of working together, we developed a great partnership, Neri’s dedication to my website is evident in all aspects of the site.

I appreciate her attention to detail, also my own ideas being understood and honoured and Neri's creative genius bringing new and expanded life to my website. What a blessing it was to find Neri, as it turns out, our partnership will continue over the years as Neri is committed to continually work with her clients even after the website has been completed. Her initial price includes monthly service updates and edits, something that wasn't offered to me by the previous website builder and I feel it is of utmost importance in a world where technology is changing by the minute. I feel reassured knowing that I don’t have to deal with website edits and additions when they're required and can just focus on what I do best and leave website matters to the best, who in this field is Neri!"
Francesca, Perth

"I was looking for a new web designer that was professional, easy to work with and responded promptly to my emails. Neri has been a gift to me, I felt at ease with her and she understood what it is I wanted and came up with ideas we worked through together. Her expertise, patience and good humour allowed me to feel confident in her work and fostered a good working relationship. My website is just beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes, Neri is so talented, I can't recommend her enough, I am so blessed to have found her.
Claudia, Melbourne

"I was looking for a specialised website designer and found Neri. I loved her layouts and info on what to do in regards building a website. After a few conversations I asked Neri to build my website and I could not be happier with the service layout and functionality. I highly recommend Neri to anyone looking for a professional website designer."
Michael, Sydney

"Neri created my websites for me years ago and really helped me to get things going and off the ground. Over the years the business has grown and we have worked through updating the websites together.

She always provides great value for money and great advice on how to best set things up, and her knowledge is brilliant! I would recommend Neri to anyone, especially those looking to set up a website related to the alternative community. She is reliable and just amazing!."
Liz Stokes, UK

"I am so grateful to have been referred to Neri. My website, facebook, and everything related to my business, needed help, to be updated and reflective of me and what I offer. Neri really captured that!

She has a true gift of somehow being able to intuitively know, understand, and bring everything to life in a way that represents you and your business professionally and beautifully. Working with Neri has, and continues to be such a pleasure. She is a funny, gentle soul, and very thorough and genuine. Highly recommend."
Cat, Mornington Peninsula

"Our website was in need of an update and I was so pleased when I came into contact with Neri. After reading her information, looking at quite a few of her website creations and reading all the testimonials,

I felt a huge sense of relief to have found someone of such high calibre. I did not hesitate to jump at the opportunity to work with her. There was so much that resonated with me. Her ethics, skills, patience, attention to detail, how she creates her websites – by coding and not with templates, providing guidance, if needed, through the creation process and continued support after the website is built and launched. We love our website. It truly reflects the vision we had. We wanted visitors to our site to feel like they were stepping into Glenace through our images and story. We wanted our information to give a clear understanding of what we and our business is about.

I have no hesitation in recommending Neri to anyone who is looking for an honest and creative web designer as I believe you would be more than happy with her work."
Ann Crossing - Nourish and Grow, Cobar

"Neri of neriKdesign has really helped us to communicate what we do effectively and given Sacred Ground Australia a much needed profile that genuinely speaks to our audience. She made the task of setting up the website easy, always giving the wisdom of her experience and guiding us to get the best result. Her willingness to be flexible and accommodate my needs was fantastic.

She understood the need to be genuine in our communication and uphold the integrity of Sacred Ground's grounded spiritual approach to contemporary therapy. When I asked for additional elements to be included which were 'out of the norm', Neri simply leaned in and clarified what I wanted and then set about delivering just that.

I highly recommend Neri and neriKdesign if you are in alternative or natural therapy based business and want a partner who can provide you with a website that is in alignment with your business and energy."
Craig, Queensland

"Neri was an absolute pleasure to work with. She always took the time to really understand exactly what I wanted to achieve. Neri listened to my ever revolving door of ideas and dream and was ridiculously patient with my streams of emails. I would have no hesitation in recommending her in the future."
Courtney, Sunshine Coast

"I cannot recommend Neri enough and the words of gratitude I share here are given from my heart. I was quite nervous at the onset of my first venture into the world of website creation but Neri's support and guidance through every step in the process of creating my website as been above and beyond what I ever expected.

Her expertise is amazing and I have felt comfortable throughout the process. Nothing was too much trouble, no matter how many questions or ideas I presented her with, her guidance was always there to steer me and support my journey and I am more than happy with the end result.

As she said to me at the start we take this step by step, because this is about you and honouring who you are on the pages created for your website.. I cannot speak highly enough of Neri and I am sincerely grateful. Thank you Neri. Much love."
Jackie, Perth

"I would love to say a huge thank you to Neri for creating my website, I haven't a clue when it comes to creating a website all I know is I wanted and needed something. A good friend of mine suggested Neri and I contacted her straight away. Neri has taken all the stress away from me by creating the website, but at the same time keeping me involved every step of the way, from designs to fonts to content.

Any time Neri goes on leave she gives me plenty of notice so if I need any amendments done I can do so. I am eternally grateful to Neri for the website she has created for me and would highly recommend anyone looking for a website to contact her, you will not regret it."
Samantha, Adelaide

"I have a lot of gratitude for Neri. Her advice, guidance, suggestions, and patience are lovely and create a space where I feel free to muse with ease. The care and attention she embodies make it truly a lovely experience to work with her and the result is a lovely site that is very reflective of me and what it is I offer.

The site has a lovely balance of professionalism and softness, absolutely perfect. I asked Neri for a total redesign of the site and concept. Not a small feat.

Little did I realise upon asking the enormity of feelings that would come with this. Neri not only was great at being patient with my ideas, changes and so on, but she also provided support and comfort regarding the emotional feelings and releases I experienced. I very thank full to Neri, feeling blessed to work with her."
Erin, Blue Mountains

"Neri, I want to thank you for your assistance and creative expertise in my recent website makeover. What an easy process. I had a good idea of what I wanted and you just came up with the graphics with ease. I love the way it looks and feels. You listened intently to me, and voila it was done.

It had been three years since we created this site and I look forward to the future, and as my business evolves I will happily enlist your services once again to create the changes when that time comes. By the way, a fresh look has supported my growth and the response from clients has been rewarding. Many thanks."
Maria, Melbourne

"In my world you only go with what resonates. Neri's work as a web designer resonated with me from the start. Her attention to detail and the energy and vibrance she brings with her work is very exciting. I wanted someone who could feel without being told at every turn what I was looking to bring forth. Neri accomplished this and more.

She intuitively knew what I wanted to present, and helped present my work in a way that will connect to all. I found Neri to be very patient and understanding of work commitments. If you are looking for something more, something with soul, I recommend you look at Neri's work. Thankyou so much Neri for the fantastic job on my website."
Stacy, Queensland

"Working with Neri was truly a collaboration, despite the distance the communication flowed well and she managed to bring to life the specific colours along with the style I wanted, which I had in my mind but had difficulty translating into writing. I had a lot of creative assistance from her when I was creatively low and she patiently made complex tech jargons simple for someone who has little idea about it.

Neri provides a niche for those who prefer one to one web designing with another who understands that this is a serious business, and is as committed to it as you are."
Vivitha, Malaysia

"Here is another "thank you Neri" to add to the many already sent your way during the creation of my website. I am so grateful to you for going the extra mile, your many caring ways and intuitive, creative, business and technological qualities. I am especially grateful for the huge amounts of patience you showed and information you provided, when dealing with my limited knowledge of business and technology and with my outside the square kind of thinking.

Thank you also for your commitment and confidence that we would get every detail right. The end result is a functioning website that I love."
Lidija, Perth

"A friend recommended Neri to me since she has been using her services several years. Upon contacting Neri she understood I was not an expert in the field and therefore had many doubts, concerns and questions. Neri immediately reassured me and explained that she would be with me each step of the way and that we would work things out together. This has been nothing but true.

Neri is extremely professional, she will always take into account any wishes or suggestions given, and if something doesn't work she won't just dismiss it but usually goes out of her way to either help in finding plenty of alternatives, or offer additional material to look at in order to narrow the choice. I had many good fun days in building my website, but also a few bad ones, where my creativity just wasn't there at all and I felt quite overwhelmed, not able to focus on the tasks ahead and wondering how I would ever get to the end... Neri always "picked me up" at the right moment and put me in a better place thanks to her reassurance and in depth knowledge.

After working with Neri for almost 10 months now, the website is finished I am extremely happy to see the results as it is exactly what I had hoped and wished for and therefore will recommend Neri to many others. Thank you beautiful Neri, your generosity, compassion, helpful nature and brilliant sense of humour has made all the difference in this journey!"
Katya, Melbourne

"Neri did an excellent job of refining my business name and logo for my start up business in automotive detailing. She fully understood and met my brief but her experience allowed her to suggest a couple of different options/variations which suited certain social media outlets more than others. This support is invaluable and allows you to consider other aspects which you would have never thought about.

While her work was efficient and professional, it was also competitive in terms of cost. I wouldn't hesitate using Neri's services again and would highly recommend her to others who are considering website development, logo design and digital support."
Chris, Melbourne

"I highly recommend Neri of Sacred Spaces to all highly sensitive individuals who are looking to create a website. I knew straight away Neri was the web designer for me. Some time ago I was researching on the internet and I felt like all of the websites I looked at were unappealing and unprofessional, and I critically applied this to the business' these websites were representing.

Finally however, I came across one which was professional as well as heart centred, and the person I got in contact with through that site, turned out to be just as wonderful as her website portrayed her to be. When it came time for me to make my own business website I went straight to her website to discover who the web designer had been – turns out it was Neri!

Upon contacting Neri, I knew right away that my intuition had been spot on, and she ended up developing a website for me that was exactly what I wanted: professional as well as heart centred. Neri offers the ultimate personal service in what is typically an un-personal field (the internet), and this suited me exactly. She guided me through every step of both the business and the website building process, and her payment plan was just what I needed to get started.

Whether youre a beginner in business or a seasoned professional, I recommend you get your website created by Neri, you wont be disappointed!"
Emerald, Victoria

"To anyone (especially those in the Creative vocation) thinking of having a website created and maintained.. I highly recommend neriKdesign! I have now been with her for a number of years and trust her completely! I have had so much disappointment in the past with websites. When I finally found Neri, she listened and was SO understanding and extremely helpful as well as creative and intuitive! Plus very affordable compared to many other website designers."
Marie, Adelaide

"Neri has been my website designer for a few years. As I have evolved as an artist my website has changed and grown, the latest overhaul taking months in the planning. Neri has exceeded my expectations on all accounts. She totally gets my vision and has helped me to get my website looking nothing short of amazing. Her recommendations, commitment and eye for detail go above and beyond. Her personalised service and communication makes me feel very confident that everything I need will always be taken care of. I cannot recommend Neri highly enough for anyone looking for a new web designer."
Michelle, Victoria

"I recently engaged Neri to provide me with the design, website and marketing materials for a newly created small business. To say my expectations were exceeded doesn't even begin to cover how I feel about the service I received. When you work with someone like Neri, you are not only getting a web or graphic designer, you are getting someone with a plethora of knowledge and experience and someone who makes you feel like she is right there in the trenches with you.

She is far more than a designer; she is the person everyone needs when starting a small business. I was absolutely astounded at the products she turned around in an incredibly small time frame. Neri is extremely easy to communicate with, understands your vision very easily and has the patience of a saint. Her commitment, her professionalism and the value for money I received are many of the reasons I will gladly recommend Neri to my clients and colleagues."
Matthew, Queensland

"Nothing is too much trouble for Neri. I am amazed at her ability to make hard tasks look easy, and her speed and accuracy. Neri has a creative flare, backed by an unending knowledge about custom designed websites and the processes and registrations surrounding them. Neri is patient with business owners and helps them through the process of presenting their websites and their businesses to the world."
Heather, Cootamundra

"I am just so happy with my new website designed by Neri. Its exactly how I imaged it to be. Its full of light, easy to navigate through the pages and has a shop that looks fabulous and actually works!

Her understanding of what I wanted to achieve with my new website, was perfect, and she clearly stepped me through the process. Nothing has been too difficult for Neri, even when I couldn't decide on the background colour. Her patience is endless.

Thank you Neri for making my first professional website, one created with love, purpose, ease and grace. I will recommend you in an instant."
Kateea, Sydney

"Neri is absolutely amazing, professional, patient and simply wow !!! Her knowledge and creativity is outstanding; Neri simply knows her stuff. Thank you for the pure magic that you have created."
Nicky M, Queensland

"I have been working with Neri for a couple of months having transferred my existing website & graphic design work to her. It is such a relief to have somebody take care of the technical side of my business as this something that I really dread. I am very grateful for the work the Neri has done for me & the affordable rates that she charges."
Rebecca, Grafton

"Great work Neri on a fine looking website. I had an idea in mind and some artwork suitable as a starting point, and with your guidance we exceeded my expectations for a website. I had never really done web design before and certainly not via email correspondence but it works, and worked a treat.

Responses to queries and questions were quick and changes were implemented promptly. Keep up the good work. Thanks a million."
Joel, Lithgow

"I have been thoroughly amazed at the sense of empowerment I have experienced whilst co-creating my website with Neri. Her intuitive way of working is second to none and has assisted in my getting exactly what I wanted.

Her personal work ethic has been exceptional. Neri really has gone the extra mile and has that really special gift in knowing exactly what you want, sometimes before you know it yourself! She is honest and reliable to boot.

It is my absolute pleasure to highly recommend Neri to anyone considering building a website."
Carole Ann, Perth

"Wow, I am so pleased to be co-creating with Neri. Right from my initial enquiry Neri has been fantastic giving me friendly advice, offering lots of options and ideas and being patient with me as I think, swap, go back and forth, make changes etc.

She, has created a website and logo that resonates with me beautifully. The website is so easy to use and is visually lovely, the essence of me, and what I do has been captured and translated into image and website.

I would recommend (and have done) her services without hesitation. I feel like Neri is part of my team rather than me simply being a client to her. Thanks Neri xxx"
Erin, Queensland

"It is my pleasure to recommend Neri who is a professional, friendly and incredibly talented website designer. I am continually impressed by Neri's ability to explain her technical expertise in laymans terms for the benefit of a novice like me.

Neri understood what I wanted, but more importantly what I needed. Neri has been a God send, she is highly intuitive and has a wicked sense of humour to boot. I am very grateful to Neri and proud to be in partnership with this amazing woman. I trust her and know you can too. Thank you, Neri, you rock!!."
Trudy, Eden

"My new website Pathway to Peace by Neri Kristina made my heart jump when I first saw it in draft. It truly was a goose bump moment. Neri listened as I explained all about my new business and my passion the connection to just how important it all is to me personally. I also expressed how important the colours were to me.

I gave Neri the colour pallet along with my thoughts on the layout and delivery of the information on the site. My connection to my website was to have a no nonsense approach. I wanted simple clear concise and my expectations were definitely met.

Neri also organised my brochure and business cards and so many people have looked at the overall picture and their reactions have been priceless.

If you are looking for a someone who actually connects with you, and really is there all the way - please, Neri is the lady."
Trish, Sydney

"Neri is the most helpful website designer I have ever come across. She recently redesigned my existing website Greenacre Natural Therapies. She was easy to talk to and gave me plenty of leeway.

She really puts her heart and soul into creating exactly what you want. Offering tips and advice along the way. Creative and artistic too so I was able to get the exact website I wanted. Thank you Neri it has been a pleasure working with you."
Tammy, Sydney

"Neri is extremely methodical with her work and is a very competent Web Designer. All tasks requested are achieved with her highest integrity, and whether working on small or large website updates and editing, the work is completed promptly.

I have found the improvements Nerium has achieved, and the time spent offering a professional service, of great benefit to my business. She has improved traffic to my website and clients are finding it much easier to locate me.

I have recommended people contact Neri and will continue to do this for her as long as Nerium wishes to remain in her field as a very competent Web Designer."
Gary, Gold Coast

"Neri has been extremely patient, professional and responsive during the creation of my website and beyond. Neri took on a half finished project, picking up the threads of my vision and manifest this into a beautiful website.

She brought an intuitive understanding of my business to her recommendations and this has been invaluable. I feel I have a partner holding the IT space for me allowing me to concentrate on taking my business forward.
I highly recommend Neri for all your website, IT and creative requirements."
Lydia, Sydney

"Neri is amazing she knew just what I wanted, it was effortless, stress free. I have no IT background and Neri explained everything to me till I understood it... her knowledge is just what you are looking for.
Highly recommended!"
Karen, Perth

"I would highly recommend Neri. In my dealings with her I found that integrity, honesty and dedication are obvious attributes and I could be sure from the start she would deliver everything she promises. She has and continues to work hard at making my website perfect with such a friendly and professional approach.

I'm not very computer savvy and Neri has also spent extra time in other areas helping me to add an extra professional touch. This extra bit of help really makes me feel secure and confident about my professional look and Neri is someone you can trust with utmost confidence.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is wanting to build a website for their business and am sure you won't be disappointed."
Mark, Central Coast

"I have to say that Neri is so skillful and talented. Professional, patient with me.. and knew how I wanted my website to look like even before I did! Neri has that special gift of truly ’seeing’ what you are describing to her. My personal symbol was important to get it right and Neri nailed it! So, if you are unsure of how you wish your site to look like - trust Neri to share ideas with you and make it just right for you.

I can't thank her enough for her attention to details and helping me to understand how it all works. Thank you wonderful professional lady."
Carine, Victoria

"What can I say!!!! I am delighted to be able to recommend Neri for anyone considering building a website. I discovered Neri after being impressed by the website of a colleague, and haven't looked back. I am not the best with computers and really had no idea where to start.

Now I have the most amazing website, which I love. It has exceeded my hopes and expectations. I have had so many compliments and it has been such an easy process with Neri doing all the hard work. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is so understanding, always available to answer even the most ridiculous questions (!), and her humour and good nature have made her a pleasure to work with.
Thankyou Neri. Fantastic!"
Catherine, Perth

"Neri has been my web and graphic designer now for many years. In saying this, she has been much more than this; she is the person who has been by my side every time I get a rush of inspiration. It may not be her inspiration, but she is right there with me, demonstrating the same amount of dedication, passion and perfectionism as if it were her own business. She will chase me for deadlines, give me ideas and help me get back on track with some much needed feedback when Im a little lost. With Neri, when it comes to getting it right, there is no such thing as too many changes.

She makes you and your business a priority and has endless amounts of patience. Neri is the perfect person to partner with your business, she is extremely talented and efficient at what she does an absolute pleasure to deal with and most importantly, she will never let you down and will always deliver on her promises. Im quite a harsh critic when it comes to service, but Neri has exceeded every expectation Ive had and continues to do so.

I highly recommend Neri to any business and in particular sole traders who work a lot on their own. Starting a business can be very daunting, but the best business decision Ive ever made was finding Neri on Gumtree and signing her up for every adventure along the way.

I truly dont think I will every work with another person I value as much as her."
Rochelle, Gold Coast

"We were recommended by a friend to Neri who had designed her website for her and she was extremely happy. We already had a website but was finding it extremely difficult to get in contact with the designer to make any updates.

Neri was amazing in recreating a new site for our Beauty training business, she was very open to our ideas and very patient with us. We absolutely love our new website and the fact that Neri has been available to answer all of our questions when they have arisen. We would highly recommend Neri to anyone considering a new or re-creation website. Thank you Neri."
Robyn, Victoria

"Nerium recently redesigned my website and I have to say it was one of the easiest experiences I have had. I am not overly computer savvy but Nerium was able to understand clearly what was important for me to include in the website, and what I was trying to convey.

She also made some great suggestions which she put into place helping the website reach more people, which in my construction industry is needed. What I thought would be a daunting and complex experience was in fact easy, quick, efficient and pleasant as I had hired the right web designer. Thank you Neri would highly recommend your services to everyone."
Pat, Victoria

"From the moment I first made contact with Neri, I knew I was in safe hands. Neri immediately understood my requirements and developed a logo which truly captures my essence and spirit. She also developed my website and I am ecstatic with the result.

Neri is very responsive and provided useful guidance on the technical aspects of the website build. Her patience and understanding was very much appreciated throughout. I highly recommend Neri to anyone wanting to utilise graphic design and website services, especially for alternative businesses. Neri is fantastic and I'll be using her services again for sure. Thank you Neri."
Marion, Canberra

"I found Nerium by google search and have not looked back since.

I contacted Nerium and chatted about what she does and what I wanted, and from there it all began. The time span I allowed for my rebirth of website and marketing material was less than a month & Nerium never once blinked an eye, missed a beat, nor did she say it couldnt be done. In fact when I panicked she simply just said we will get there!

Many changes back and forth for my logo until my head was doing turns at a pace of 360 degrees, as well as organizing content, quality design, colours, links, buttons, I hate to think what Nerium was thinking.

Nerium also nursed me through with information of what to ask and do to get access to information from my current website she needed. Without her knowledge, skills and patience and her connection to the spiritual world and connection to her own heartspace, it would not have happened.

Once launched people congratulated me on my new look and logo, and my brochures, flyers and cards. When I looked at the finished products I felt amazing. Nerium helped to create connection to it all and gave me everything I envisaged. Thank you Nerium."
Trish, Sydney

"It is with great pleasure I write a testimonial for Neri. Design is exactly what Neri does so well. Neri supplied me with an abundance of pictures to view. I just looked at a few pictures, shared what I liked and why and voila, my website banner was created. It was as simple as that!

The rest of the process creating the look, feel and design followed with ease. I am also loving the fact that my website has the ability to grow and evolve as I do, everything doesnt have to be done at once. Initially I was concerned because I previously had a CMS where I could make all of the changes myself, but needn't have been because Neri will do these changes in a timely manner. Neri has also done flyers and a banner including my business cards and I feel for me, Neri is a one stop shop allowing for ease, efficiency, a whole lot of love and incredible insight.

Thank you Neri for your patience, understanding and professionalism."
Maria, Victoria

"I had the good fortune to work with Neri on the production of design materials for my new healing business. Throughout the process Neri was very helpful, responsive to ideas and suggestions, and integrated changes into the designs very quickly. It was clear Neri has a strong desire to deliver exactly what her clients need, and continues until this goal has been achieved.

I was able to suggest a vision of an end product and Neri turned it into a reality. Moreover, it was easy to trust that my inputs would be incorporated into the design process. As for the finished products .. they were truly outstanding!! Neri works from a perspective of kindness and I would be delighted to recommend her work to others."
Russell, UK

"I thanked Neri so many times during the process of my label design. Throughout, she was always so patient and constantly so generous with her time and her heart, so open and willing to do everything I asked her to, until I was completely happy with the end result. Neri is a blessing... And her work reflects quality, dedication and the beautiful person she is."
Rachel, Perth

"Neri thank you so very much for my amazing website, I am extremely impressed with how it turned out. I love it!!! You were such a pleasure to work with paying attention to every fine detail and request I had. You always seemed to know exactly what I wanted and ensured you delivered it in a very short time frame throughout the entire process.

I had no idea what it was I was looking for, but with your professionalism and expertise, you made the whole thing come together so easily and gracefully. My website is beautifully presented, very informative and most importantly very user friendly, it is exactly what I wanted.

To anyone wishing an amazing website, I have already recommended and will continue to recommend Neri to all. Thanks so much Neri."
Kylie, Queensland

"Just a few words to say a huge thank you for the wonderful job you did in creating my website. You were always on hand to answer my technophobe questions and offer guidance where I was floundering. You captured the essence of my business, who I am and who I represent perfectly. Your professional and warm vibration complemented my venture perfectly.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to all and sundry."
Nicola, UK

"Neri I am so so happy with my website it couldnt look better, everything is amazing and your creative work is just divine. I'm so grateful, youre an angel, it feels like you channelled my website to resonate perfectly with me and my intention."
Yvette, Queensland

"Thanks Neri for my amazing website, I am so in love with it and just cannot stop looking at it. You have far out done my vision for my website, and given it an edge I could never have imagined!

I highly recommend Neri for any spiritual website, she is a beautiful soul, intuitive and highly artistic and talented. I could not have wished for a better website or webdesigner, thank you so much again Neri I truly love your work."
Colin, Sydney

"To anyone and everyone in need of a Website Designer, I am delighted to recommend unreservedly and with absolute confidence the services of Nerium.

To say technology is not my forte would be a huge understatement so the prospect of creating a fully functioning website filled me with dread. I needn’t have feared. Neri guided me step-by-step, always patient and happy to answer queries; nothing was too much trouble. She presented me with wonderfully creative ideas and images that captured the essence of what my business, Clear English Pronunciation, is all about.

Much to my relief, Neri's communication was amazing in it's promptness; more often than not it was instantaneous. This meant I could progress through the building of the website quickly and efficiently and not spend time stressing while awaiting replies.

On an end note, it gives me confidence and comfort knowing that Neri will continue to be there to maintain and update my website as required. The whole experience has been a positive and fulfilling one."
Anna, Victoria

"Nothing is ever too much trouble, too urgent or too difficult when it comes to Neri.

She has been the right hand of my business since I established this last year. I had tried so many other designers and they just didnt understand me or my vision. Neri got it straight away and without saying a word most of the time she gets every new look & feel I am after. Dealing with Neri is like building your brand with a friend, she is so invested in your business and comes from such a genuine space.

She is all about honesty, integrity and building and fostering long term relationships which is why she will remain my first point of referral in this industry. She is a breath of fresh air!"
Rochelle, Gold Coast

"Having my website created by Neri was a fantastic experience. It looks really beautiful and reflects exactly who I am. Neri has certainly earned her halo working with me, as I am completely hopeless with technology and my limited ability of translating what I want, would have been painstaking for any professional to say the least.

Yet Neri responded quickly and with grace to my every request and many changes I made along the way. I am really grateful for her ongoing support and the personal care she showed me when I was having meltdowns about revealing myself so deeply. More than just a website service: it felt like a sacred space was held by Neri during the unfolding of the entire process. I am deeply grateful for both the outcome and the journey, thank you."
Trish, Queensland

"I want to thank Neri for her extraordinary effort and ability in creating my website. I really value connecting with sincere people who have genuine talent and passion for what they do.

My experience with Neri was truly beautiful as I wanted someone who understood my needs and spiritual perspective. I am so grateful Neri was recommended to me as she offers a wealth of experience, talent, patience, clarity, compassion and integrity in every aspect of the design process.

I look forward to a long and happy relationship as we both continue to evolve."
Franziska, Victoria

"Neri is the real deal! She is that "needle in a haystack" most of us (especially us creative and spiritual types) are searching for in web design and development.

She has an amazing intuitive, creative ability when it comes to sensing your needs for your business or profession. A fantastic communicator and very affordable.. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

After a couple of disappointing years with certain web designers and hundreds $s later - I finally found Nerium !"
Marie, South Australia

"Having worked with Nerium on previous client projects and being friends for over a year, I would highly recommend Nerium's services for 5 main reasons:

- She has more integrity than anyone else I know. I have always found her to honour her promises and commitments, her actions match what she says, she lives by her spiritual principles and she always strives to do what she believes is "right" for her clients, even if this means opting for hard work over less effective, quick-fix solutions.

- Having worked in online consulting myself, I can vouch that her expertise in all things Internet is really strong. She balances technical and hand-coding expertise with sound marketing, business and SEO skills to create a very effective offering.

- She puts great emphasis on her client relationships, always delving deep into their needs and putting a strong focus on educating them along the journey.

- She is a deeply spiritual person which not only effects her values, but also feeds her passion for immersing herself in her clients businesses and understanding what makes them special.

- She is friendly, down to earth and calm - a wonderful, warm human being to work with - as well as professional and dependable.

In short, I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
Graeme, Sydney

"My name is Trish and I approached Neri to do my website. I am a Paranormal Investigator and as you can imagine most paranormal websites are pretty much the same, spooky, dark and with the aim to slightly unnerve you.. not us :) Our aim was to actually have a website that reflected how we feel, what we believe and our passion not only for investigating but to help people who are afraid and have nowhere to turn.

It was important for our Team that it was tasteful, calming and reflective of the Spirituality that we all possess and I have to say that I was more than amazed and overwhelmed by the result.. Neri is by far one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, she is professional, approachable and has an uncanny sixth sense of knowing exactly what you want or need even when you dont - which in a nutshell was me.

If you are looking for a site that is unique, and a true reflection of you, then seriously stop looking! Neri is a website angel and I would and will continue to HIGHLY recommend her to anyone and everyone... I will be back in the future to enlist Neris help again for myself and my husband’s business.. Thank you Neri for all of your hard work and dedication. "
Trish, Western Australia

"I was looking for someone special to put my website together. I'd had two unsatisfactory experiences with other web designers so was feeling very wary.

Then Nerium Kristina was recommended to me and I am now so grateful. I have a website I am completely happy with, nothing is too much trouble and Nerium manages it for me. All at an affordable price. She got what I was trying to achieve as a professional and understood my needs and those of my clients.

I would thoroughly recommend this clever and empathic lady."
Kerry, New Zealand/UK

"During the process of establishing my very first website, Neri has been unrelenting in her enthusiasm and availability. Right from the very beginning she tirelessly and constantly supported my every need.

Time and time again, she went beyond what I could have ever expected.

Her warmth, grace and kindness was always part of her professional work ethic. It has been such a pleasure to work with Neri in establishing my website."
Paula, Northern NSW

"Working with Neri is a partnership. Shes interested, cares – she is in there with you. Neri gets that your business and website are an expression of you, and creates sites that say more about the business than even you realised yourself.

This is such a unique and precious quality in a web designer – it leads to authentic, integral sites that inspire trust, and speak to the people you want to connect with – the ideal customers."
Brendan, Sydney

"I cannot put into words how you have helped me, you have designed my website, my banner, business cards, and also the retreat banner. Helped with my content, you have done so so so much.

I have to say Neri has been my rock, my friend and just amazing to work along side with. I just said this is what I want - this is how I feel it should be. We went back and forth, back and forth till she produced my vision exactly as I wanted. I can not put in to words how much this gorgeous soul does for you - when she commits to her work she COMMITS. Nothing is too much for Neri. She never never says no, I can't do it, or I am far too busy. She is value for money.

Neri is a passionate, divine goddess of the web. I have no hesitation in recommending her to others. I have already and I know they are happy with her also. From the bottom of my soul Neri, I cannot thank you enough for all that you do for me. I am so blessed and grateful that you have come in to my life and brought my whole vision forward.

Looking forward to working together on my other projects as I trust you completely and my money well spent on such a divine goddess. Blessings to you always."
Marg, Victoria

"Well I have to say Nerium Kristina you are my goddess of IT and your wonderful creative flair creating my beautiful new website, business cards, gift cards and banner.

Plus your never ending patience with me when I stuff up .. thanks for picking me up, dusting me off, and helping to create a wonderful new home for my business. Thanks lovely."
Sharon, Victoria

"I want to thank Nerium who did such an amazing job on my website, Facebook banner, business cards and all things Vistaprint!

It took me so long to take the step of getting my own website up and running but Neri has made this such an easy process for me.

I highly recommend her for any website design project! Just go look at her amazing work."
Michelle, Victoria

"I could tell you all a long story about my experiences trying to get my vision into reality, however I am sure you have all had a few of your own. What I can tell you is that you need look no further. I was referred to Neri by a fellow medium who spoke so highly of her that I thought surely there couldnt be anyone who gets what I do like we do.

However not only was she in sync with what I was trying to achieve, she understood what I needed every time.

Every time.

She understood that my passion was the most important thing in the world to me, and I didnt need to feel uncomfortable making changes until it was perfect. She adds creativity, flair, common sense, and a touch of humor no matter what I threw at her. I cant recommend her to you enough, just as I have recommended her to everyone either building, maintaining or rebranding. If you haven’t heard of her it is because we are trying to keep her our secret. If you have heard of her – it is no surprise."
Nicole, Victoria

"Thank you so much for helping me build my website! Its been something on my to do list for ages, but I never knew where to start. You’ve been so, so supportive and helpful, guiding me every step of the journey, and your patience has been incredible.

I have lost track of the number of times we changed layouts, colours, photos, links etc., and it was never too much trouble for you. Right from the start you managed to untangle the web which my previous web designer had me in when I was ready to throw my domain name away, and in less than a day managed to get a skeleton page up and running so there was something there for the expo I about to display at.

I cant thank you enough for all your time, effort and expertise."
Julie, Queensland

"I knew I needed a website, and had no idea where to start and who to call. I was recommended to Neri by a very dear and fastidious friend, who also found Neri by recommendation. After a few emails Neri managed to turn the idea that I had visualised in my head into a reality, not just a website but her creative talents captured the essence of myself and my business. Being an alternative/spiritual business I was comforted knowing Neri had the knowledge and experience in this field and I wouldn't need to explain terms or images I wanted as she already knew and could suggest more or where to find what I needed.

Neri turned my one little idea into a reality and where I had limited knowledge of the whole web building world, she designed a website and a blog perfect for me. Living in such an IT based society at the moment, I knew it was important that my website reflected who I was and was easy to access, to read and be visually attractive. Her attention to detail was meticulous as was her great customer service and support. I would highly recommend to everyone who is wanting to design or redesign their website."
Maya, Victoria

"Thank you for all you did and continue to do with my website Neri! You are easy to deal with, and very professional. Your love for what you do really shines through, and your ethics are to be admired. I look forward to a long and happy journey with you as my website evolves over time. I really appreciate your insight and experience. Thank you once again."
Lindie, Victoria

"Thank you so much for all your hard work, going beyond what was expected and for your dedication toward helping us to have a successful website.

Your helpful and honest approach to your work has made for a stress free experience and has formed a positive foundation for our future in which we very much hope you are a part of."
David, Sydney

"I have found Nerium to be a most resourceful and intuitive Website Designer and now friend. We have had great fun co-creating my new website and blog format together. She anticipated my every need and found creative solutions to all my inspired beginnings.

I look forward to many years of collaboration, as she manages with simplicity and grace all my technological adventures with understanding, compassion and EXCELLENCE. I would recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual solutions to their technological expansions!"
Ann, Victoria

"I have been working with Neri now for over six months and have found her not only professional but an absolute pleasure to deal with. During this time she has developed the brand for my business including, logos, banners and my entire website. As a Psychic Medium, the benefit for me has been working with someone that specialises in my industry, I talked to many graphic designers prior to Neri but they were not able to connect with my vision because they didn't understand my business.

My experience working with Neri has been very smooth and the process is simple, she is extremely patient and committed to exceeding my expectations. Neri has provided me with a service that has delivered value for money and flexible payment plans that have helped when I was getting my business off the ground. I enjoy the personalised service I receive from Neri and the friendship we have developed, I look forward to working with her for a long time to come and to partner with her in many other areas of my business."
Rochelle, Gold Coast

"Working with Neri has truly been a wonderful experience. She was able to resolve any issues quickly and effectively. I particularly valued her good work ethics and the great care in the way she attended my needs as a client. Being locally based she is able to make changes efficiently and without communication barriers. Neri's work has proven to be of great value to my business. I would highly recommend friends to be in her good hands."
Katy, Central Coast

"It has been a pleasure working with Neri over the past few years. She is the type of person who always goes beyond the call of duty and gets the job done. Her passion in her work and willingness to make a difference is for me a very important criteria. For Neri it is about getting things right and it's her spiritual nature which allows her to infuse such a positive energy into her work.

Having her own business provides the flexibility uncommon in larger organisations and the low cost structure makes the investment in her work great value for money. I would highly recommend Neri to anyone considering launching their internet business and website."
Meiron, Sydney

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