Mercury is the smallest planet, and the closest to the Sun. It is named after the Roman god Mercury, the messenger of the gods.

When viewed from Earth, this proximity to the Sun means the planet can only be seen near the western or eastern horizon during the early evening or early morning. At this time it may appear as a bright star-like object, but is often far more difficult to observe than Venus.

Mercury and Astrology

Mercury and Astrology

Mercury in Astronomy

  • Mercury's diameter is 4,879 kms
  • Circumference around Mercury is 15,329 kms
  • Mercury has no known Moons
  • Orbit distance - 57,909,227 kms
  • Orbit period - 87.97 Earth days
  • Surface temperature of Mercury is -173 to 427 degrees celcius
  • Lenth of day is 175.9 Earth days
  • Length of year is 88 Earth days
  • First recorded - 14th century BC by Assyrian astronomers

Mercury in Astrology

  • Rules Gemini and the 3rd House, AND
  • Rules Virgo and the 6th House
  • Spends around 3-8 weeks in each Sign
  • Mercury is a Personal / Inner Planet, the challenges are about the Self
  • The function is the transmission of information
  • Mercury urges us to express our immediate perceptions and intelligence through speech or skill
  • Creates the need to establish connection with others, the need to learn

Mercury Asks

  • What are my intellectual and communicative strengths?
  • What are my intellectual and communicative weaknesses?

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