How Often Should I Update My Website Content?

websites "Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here" - pointing out the importance of Good Content vs. any one other SEO technique. (Google' current SEO Guide)

"You should base your optimization decisions first and foremost on what's best for the visitors of your site. They're the main consumers of your content and are using search engines to find your work. Focusing too hard on specific tweaks to gain ranking in the organic results of search engines may not deliver the desired results. Search engine optimisation is about putting your site's best foot forward when it comes to visibility in search engines, but your ultimate consumers are your users, not search engines"

When clients ask me about writing their content, I usually suggest they write from the heart, and any adjustments for optimisation of that content, comes secondary as an ongoing editing process (Optimisation is never a once off). It is important you are able to express the heart and passion of your work and your self, unencumbered by the worry of counting your keywords and following the rules of content optimisation at this point.

  • be more concerned with reflecting who you are
  • be completely creative, transparent and even vulnerable
  • this allows the Universe to respond by sending you visitors who will resonate with you

Once you are happy with what you have written from an honest and openhearted perspective, we can adjust the content to involve the current Optimisation rules. I use Google's latest suggestions, and you can see them here.

Optimisation is as simple as following these rules, you do not need to tick them all off, as not all will apply to every website. Another great tool is Google Adwords. Here you can research what people are typing into search queries to find your type of business. This can help you think outside your own experiences and expectations, regarding which phrases align with what you do. You can also note demographics and other trends that may help you choose phrases to increase your search results.

Please note: SEO and optimisation is not a secret formula, not magic software you run on your website (organic SEO is best practice), and certainly not something you should pay hundreds of dollars for. Click here for more on optimisation and SEO.

General Rules for Good Content

  • First Draft - Pick your topic and think about your visitors as your write from the heart
  • Do not write what you think Google might like to read, or overuse the same words so it sounds like a sales pitch. Google has evolved tremendously, and can discern between well written grammar, good sentence structure, and a jumble of sales words
  • Each page should have one topic, one subject, 400-600 words in length
  • The more pages you have, the more topics google will connect you with, and the more topics you will appear for in search results
  • Each page therefore should have specific content, keywords, phrases and synonyms related to that one topic
  • 3-4 main key words or phrases, synonyms etc per page
  • The Home page is generally about the business overall, a broad explanation of the whole website
  • The About Page is more about you, your journey, your chance to say hi and introduce yourself personally
  • You may have just the one service, or you may have five or more types of work you do within your business. If you are a healer offering Reiki, Massage and Vibrational Healing. Have a general Healing Page, and a page for each modality
  • Have an FAQ page regarding these types of healings
  • If geography is important - have a page representing the locality of the business
  • If you blog through Wordpress etc, also have your blogs copied to your site somewhere as articles or archives. It's a wonderful way to add rich content to your site with very little extra effort
  • Google currently DOES NOT use the keyword tag when indexing and ranking your page in search results, this is not something your designer or any SEO expert should be saying they need to focus on. Well written content is even more important since this change
  • Change your content regularly. Google visits my website a few times a week, however if content stays the same for months, the visits will become more sporadic. Google will interpret the site as not important, having no authority, and these factors will affect your ranking. The change can be as simple as rearranging a paragraph, or rewriting a sentence. As the saying goes, you need to work on your business as much as you work in your business

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