The zodiac sign Aquarius, 21st January - 19th February, is ruled by the planet Uranus and naturally rules the 11th House. The Aquarius symbol is the Water Bearer, usually more simply shown by two wavy lines representing water. Aquarius Archetypes are the Genius, the Revolutionary, the Truthsayer, the Scientist and the Exile. Aquarius has the Element of Air, and the polarity Yang, being more outward facing and masculine in energy.

Aquarians thrive on total freedom, independence and the space to fully express their individuality. Rather than just being themselves randomly, Aquarians are most happy when able to feel they can both recognise and express the truth. Whatever the consequences. Galileo, Edison and Darwin were all Aquarians. Seekers of truth and certainly individualistic, at times being ostracised and forced to walk their paths alone. All the archetypes are represented in these three lives.

Strengths and Challenges

Aquarius needs to be able to let thoughts flow freely, without feeling constrained by society, peers, family and culture. In this they are Truthseekers.. and thrive on the freedom to think for themselves. In this, they perhaps think more freely than all the other signs. Aquarius must move from thought to thought flowing through life, knowing they follow their own path, their own drum beat. This freedom to think allows them room to be the Genius and the Scientist. It's the freedom they crave which in turn allows their minds to think outside the box more than others.
Aquarius and Astrology
Aquarius can become aloof and easily misunderstood in their drive to gain independence. This individualistic stance, where most of us do 'what we have always done - what is expected of us', can lead to a lonely place. A narrow path, winding up a lonely road. They are not anti-people, they are pro-individuality, however the Revolutionary often becomes the Exile by the very nature of the personality traits that make them forward thinking in the first place.

Humans do need each other, and in this Aquarius must sometimes compromise.. taking the hand of another to move forward in their quest. In relationships, Aquarius often fears commitment, because they see themselves being lost within the couple or group. They can often find themselves walking alone, yet surrounded by friends and family.

Remember no two Aquarians are exactly the same. And whilst some of the key words used in pop astrology may indeed be ascribed correctly, best not to rely on generalisations. Your Natal Chart will show where your Aquarian sign (ruled by the Sun) is placed specifically, as well as the corresponding House. Other aspects (planets and signs that are geometrically aligned), and many other considerations make up the total sum of a Natal Chart.

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