The zodiac sign Gemini, 21st May - 21st June, is ruled by the planet Mercury and naturally rules the 3rd House. The Gemini symbol is the Twins. Gemini Archetypes are the Witness, the Teacher, the Storyteller and the Journalist. Gemini has the element of Air, and the polarity Yang, being more outward facing and masculine in energy.

Gemini thrives on observation and perception, utilising any means to understand the immediate surroundings. They are happiest when stimulated by a curiosity which leads to constant motion, open communication, learning and sharing. Shia LaBeouf, Nicole Kidman and Mark Wahlberg are perfect examples, whereby they have used their roles in movies and as producers to share stories.

Strengths and Challenges

As the Witness Archetype, Geminis use every sense to take in what is happening in their environment. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, anything and everything that helps them understand what is happening. Ruled by the planet Mercury, they live for the exchange of information, but this is in no way limited to hearing and speaking. Geminis can be quick to record the incoming information, and re-tell it in their own way, hence the Journalist. Geminis are not so concerned about the why.. just the what.
Gemini and Astrology
They make great Teachers, using their ability to remember information and having a desire to put it back out there so others can take it up themselves. They are intelligent, and can view study and attaining degrees as proof of their intellect. But they also enjoy it.

Gemini's Storytelling ability can be their biggest challenge, as it allows them to naturally repackage someone else's truth, if they are unable to accept it as is. And because of their innate ability to think quickly and present an emotionally attractive version of events, they can lie, very well. They can look you in the eyes, and spin a yarn like no other sign.

"Many a time I have wanted to stop talking and find out what I really believed."- Walter Lippman

Due to their need to stay in motion, they can find it difficult to relax, to stop the world going round, and to think clearly without putting a spin on things. Geminis make very interesting people, however their version of events and experiences can mirror their unwillingness to face reality.

Remember no two Geminis are exactly the same. And whilst some of the key words used in pop astrology may indeed be ascribed correctly, best not to rely on generalisations. Your Natal Chart will show where your Gemini sign (ruled by the Sun) is placed specifically, as well as the corresponding House. Other aspects (planets and signs that are geometrically aligned), and many other considerations make up the total sum of a Natal Chart.

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