The zodiac sign Scorpio, 23rd October - 22nd November, is ruled by the planet Pluto and naturally rules the 8th House. The Scorpio symbol is the Scorpion. Scorpio Archetypes are the Detective, the Sorcerer and the Hypnotist. Scorpio has the Element of Water, and the polarity Yin, being more inward facing and feminine in energy.

Scorpio thrives on clarity about what is really important, often by delving within to find that life is meaningless outside the present moment. They are happiest when living with single minded intensity, fearlessness and focus. Picasso and Monet were both Scorpios, both said to have had unwavering focus, to be obsessive, highly emotional and reclusive at times.

Strengths and Challenges

Scorpio uses every experience as an opportunity to focus on what they really want via gut instinct and feelings, rather than thinking and reasoning. Although often highly intelligent, the purpose of the cerebral mind for them, is but a stepping stone. Once thinking has put the mind in order, the Scorpio travels further down, past the heart and onto the gut. This is where the Scorpion find his real purpose. He then acts on it with a clarity and focus like no other sign.

The Scorpio is all about expression of their true needs, which is why Scorpios can make great lovers. They understand why they want sex, (for them it's more about feelings, not fluffy crushes, but unrepressed, pure sexuality) and they are not willing to suppress their needs for any societal niceties.
Scorpio and Astrology
Scorpios are also notorious for taking and not giving when it comes to sharing verbally. You may find you have spilled your innermost thoughts and feelings over coffee, yet still know very little about them. In this, they can be difficult partners in any sense, lovers, work colleagues, friends. Their introspection drives them to evaluate and give advice on your issues, yet keep their own truths and feelings very close to their hearts.

And here in lies the challenge. Scorpios must come up for air every now and again, and interact fully with others. Supression of those thoughts and feelings they have discovered, must be shared, challenged and worked through in the open. Just being aware of them can drive a Scorpio mad, as that awareness is deep down and suffocating. It needs to be brought into the light.

Scorpios can be so concerned with what need fixing within, that they never actually do anything about it. They dig deeper and deeper, without taking any other action. They can fall victim to depression and hopelessness which is what they are trying to avoid.

Remember no two Scorpios are exactly the same. And whilst some of the key words used in pop astrology may indeed be ascribed correctly, best not to rely on generalisations. Your Natal Chart will show where your Scorpio sign (ruled by the Sun) is placed specifically, as well as the corresponding House. Other aspects (planets and signs that are geometrically aligned), and many other considerations make up the total sum of a Natal Chart.

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