The zodiac sign Sagittarius, 23rd November - 20th December, is ruled by the planet Jupiter and naturally rules the 9th House. The zodiac symbol is the Archer. Sagittarius Archetypes are the Gypsy, the Student and the Philosopher. Sagittarius has the element of Fire, and the polarity Yang, being more outward facing and masculine in energy.

Sagittarius thrives when seeking new experiences, whether physically (the Gypsy), through learning (the Student) or thinking (the Philosopher). They are happiest when experiencing situations where they are learning about life having suspended judgement and familial or cultural leanings. To really see other perspectives leading to a greater awareness of truth outside their previous understanding. Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix were both Sagittarius, both constantly sought new experiences throughout their lives, always seeking truth and evolution.

Strengths and Challenges

Sagittarius uses every experience as an active opportunity to seek out truth. They ready their arrow, and fire, knowing wherever it lands is something to find that will bring them closer to the meaning of life. In this they must have freedom. A Sagittarian who is unable to seek, lives a life of repression and inprisonment.

The Archer must constantly evolve in attitude and beliefs, and they are adept at finding creative ways to achieve this. The end goal is not to arrive, but to constantly learn along the journey, to keep moving, learning, thinking and changing no matter what the consequences.
Sagittarius and Astrology
And here in lies the challenge. Sagittarius must learn to stop and think, at least sometimes. For example, before buying that ticket to India, before joining that organisation, before starting that degree... The innate need for faith and answers, can blind the Sagittarius to pitfalls obvious to others who are more hesitant or cerebral. They end up far from home or in a cult.

In relationships the Sagattarian can fall hard and fast in the pursuit of the adventure of romance. Wide eyed and somewhat gullible, the Archer sees in hindsight that cupid's arrow would have been better spent elsewhere.

Mostly the Archer needs to remind themselves of this - adventure must be balanced with common sense - take one more look before the arrow flies.. It could save your life.

Remember no two Sagittarians are exactly the same. And whilst some of the key words used in pop astrology may indeed be ascribed correctly, best not to rely on generalisations. Your Natal Chart will show where your Sagittarius sign (ruled by the Sun) is placed specifically, as well as the corresponding House. Other aspects (planets and signs that are geometrically aligned), and many other considerations make up the total sum of a Natal Chart.

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