The zodiac sign Leo, 24th July - 23rd August, is ruled by Aquarius and naturally rules the 5th House. The Leo symbol is the Lion. Leo Archetypes are the King/Queen, the Performer, The Child and the Clown. Leo has the element of Fire, and the polarity Yang, being more outward facing and masculine in energy.

Unlike the preceeding sign Cancer, Leo thrives on being able to express life in all it's intense colour and sounds. To unshamedly let everything out for the world to see. Ruled by freedom loving Aquarius, they are happiest when able to express their feelings, thoughts, and very 'being' in a space where they are appreciated and accepted for who they are.

As the King or Queen Archetype, Leos naturally draw people to them with their attractive personalities. They can be found amongst charismatic and compelling leaders, such as Barack Obama. As Performers, expression through music is the perfect outlet. Jennifer Lopez and Madonna are both Leos.

Strengths and Challenges

Leo uses every experience as an opportunity to express themselves. All of themselves. They want everyone to know what they feel, what they think and who they are and you will naturally find Leos as actors or amongst musicians and singer/songwriters. More than any other sign, Leo desperately needs to be free to be themselves without any fear and inhibitions.
Leo and Astrology
A Leo living in all his Lion power, has no fear of rejection which is his biggest challenge. An evolved Leo lives for the simple joys of being authentically themselves. No other sign embodies the joys of being a happy Child like Leo. Playing, singing, storytelling, creating.. it's all the same to an evolved Leo. Here you can picture Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter), as he throws himself into every movie role with absolute commitment to having fun and fully expressing the character. It's just fun for the sake of having childlike fun, no matter what anyone else thinks.

To the more introverted signs, a Leo as the Clown Archetype, can seem arrogant and superior. For some it's hard to understand what it is they want or hope to gain from acting so flamboyantly. It's quite simple, Leos want to be loved, but can be too proud to just ask. Their challenge is to be humble about their emotional needs, to share their feelings quietly and honestly, rather than put on grandiose 'events' to get people's attention.

And here in lies the challenge. Trust is very important to a Leo, and they can simply be too afraid to open up one on one, where rejection is far more confronting and personal. So they try to get what they need in bigger, louder ways where they can laugh off a 'bad performance' and keep any rejection more distant.

Remember no two Leos are exactly the same. And whilst some of the key words used in pop astrology may indeed be ascribed correctly, best not to rely on generalisations. Your Natal Chart will show where your Leo sign (ruled by the Sun) is placed specifically, as well as the corresponding House. Other aspects (planets and signs that are geometrically aligned), and many other considerations make up the total sum of a Natal Chart.

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